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Individuals served by Chartiers Center
identified these three simple, yet elegant
words describing what they hope to achieve
and their expectations of Chartiers Center.

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are exploring their artistic side and have displayed their
artwork at Staunton Farms Foundation and Allegheny County’s
Art of Recovery Show. As one staff person said,
“Many folks who can’t describe how they are feeling,
find their voice through their art.”

Consumers in the
Transition Program
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serves adults with Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities.

Chartiers IDD Program
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Chartiers Center recognized
employees and volunteers

at their annual luncheon. At that time,
the new logo and website was rolled
out for all to see.


MARCH: Intellectual Disability Awareness Month

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Massey Grant Used to Buy New Equipment for Staff

Chartiers’ Service Coordination staff received their new tablets made possible through a grant from the Massey Charitable Trust. It was like Christmas [ Read More ]